Smart tracker syncing with Heartify.

ONLY $69.99


What is it?

HeartBand is an advanced device that allows you to:
Heartify imports your measurement from the watch, processes the data using an advanced algorithm, and prepares your personal heart health report.

How does it work?

HeartBand is a unique smart tracker which is fully synchronized with Heartify.

Why do you need it?

Using accurate and interpreted data measured with HeartBand, you can:




Measure HRV (heart rate variability) more accurately
Create a vital habit to track your heart health indicators
Take HRV measurements more quickly
Have the device always at hand
Complete your look with a stylish accessory
Reduce stress, prevent burnouts
Check your energy levels through the day
Plan your work and life routine
Optimize your training and recovery
Monitor your nightly sleep patterns
Predict and prevent illness
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