Job Openings

Senior iOS Developer

Why it is worth working with us:
We are not just an American mobile application company, we are a team that delivers results. Our products become market leaders not in years, but in months. Our product has become a leader in many countries in just six months.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the market. We work only with new technologies and develop truly necessary products that are in the Health & Fitness category.

We are looking for people who do not just want to work, but want to become part of a team that makes the best products.

What experience is needed:

• Practical Swift experience from 3 years+;
• Confident knowledge of iOS and its basic frameworks;
• Understanding of basic design patterns, principles of SOLID, SOA, DI;
• Understanding of working with MVVM architecture;
• Good knowledge of RxSwift;
• Experience with databases (CoreData, Realm)
• Understanding the principles of multithreading (GCD, Operation),
• memory management;
• Basic understanding of algorithms and data structures,
• Experience with Git, understanding the principles of gitflow;How we work:
• We work 100% remotely. No need to work in the office.
• We have a flexible schedule, you can choose a convenient time for your work.
• We do not accept bureaucracy. Just one meeting a day.
• We always listen to our employees. You will be able to influence the result and test your ideas.