Around 1 in 77* American children currently has a cardiac condition

Heartify company is raising awareness about children's heart health issues and supporting topics related to heart disease. We aim to share valuable information about this critical subject. In our continued efforts to promote heart health, let's explore the details of Camp del Corazon and its offerings:

Summer camp evokes images of long days spent on the water, with the sound of ocean waves, and evenings by the fire roasting marshmallows with friends. However, this idyllic vision may remain unfulfilled for children with heart disease. Many are told that summer camp isn't an option for them. If you or your child can relate to this experience, Camp del Corazon is the place for you.

Established in 1995 by a Pediatric Cardiologist and Electrophysiology nurse from UCLA Medical Center, Camp del Corazon offers children a reprieve from being defined by their illnesses. Here, being "different" is the norm, and they proudly embrace their scars. The camp serves as a community where kids can connect with others who share their experiences and understand their unique challenges.

In addition to our traditional residential summer camp, we have developed year-round programs designed to provide educational and experiential support for children and families living with congenital heart disease. Camp del Corazon is a welcoming home for the entire Heart family.

Mission: Camp del Corazon is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to offering year-round experiential opportunities for growth, education, and support to children, young adults, and families living with heart disease.

Summer Camp: A cost-free summer camping program for children aged 7-17 with congenital heart disease. Our camp provides an opportunity for children living with CHD to connect with others who truly comprehend their journey. Research has shown that camp can boost the confidence and self-esteem of children. There is no fee for those attending our camp sessions. Our camp is staffed by dedicated physicians, nurses, and carefully trained volunteer staff.

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P.A.C.E. (Progressive Adult Cardiac Experience): Designed for young adults aged 18-25 living with heart disease, P.A.C.E. aims to help you build a support network with peers facing similar challenges, develop leadership skills for better life choices, and acquire healthy lifestyle skills to promote overall well-being. Enjoy fun and challenging new experiences!

Happy Heart Festival: A day of fun, food, and heart education for the whole family, presented in partnership with the Edwards Lifesciences Foundation. This event is open to everyone, including campers (current, past, and prospective), camper families, CHD families, counselors, doctors, and nurses. Activities include a Heart Valve Manufacturing Tour, hands-on experiences, games, crafts, heart health education sessions, and lunch.

Virtual Programming: We offer weekly programs for children and families to keep them engaged and connected, even when they may be homebound or have medical restrictions.


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